Diamond Brite® the Longer Lasting and More Colorful Pool Finish

diamond brite colors

Diamond Brite Colors

Diamond Brite Pool Finish is specifically formulated to give your pool’s surface a unique and impressive appearance.  Diamond Brite Pool Finish is available in a wide variety of factory blended colors and textures, so its easy to coordinate your pool’s color scheme.

swimming pool tiles

Pool Tiles

An important part of your pool’s color scheme is the pool tile; whether its the  waterline tile or the accent tile of the raised wall, spa, sun shelf, or infinity edge we have a large selection of classic ceramic pool tiles, natural stone tiles, and stunning glass tiles in gloss, matte, and iridescent finishes.

Pool Supplies

Pool Supplies

Everything you need for your pool!  Pool Pumps, Parts and Motors, Pool Cleaners, Submersible Pumps, Heat Pumps, Gas Heaters, Salt Systems, Filters and Filter Supplies, Pool Lights, Skimmers, Main Drains, Fittings, Tools and Accessories, Ladders, Safety Equipment and More!

Diamond Brite® Pool Finish The Extremely Durable and Attractive Alternative to Traditional  Marcite Pool Plaster

Unlike traditional marble based marcite pool plaster that’s easily dissolved by pool chemicals causing maintenance issues, etching, and rapid deterioration, Diamond Brite® pool finish incorporates insoluble quartz aggregates, which makes it extremely durable, comfortable, and easy to maintain. Diamond Brite® pool finish has non fading quartz aggregates which are unaffected by the harshest pool environments and resists permanent staining. Diamond Brite® pool finish also features the state-of-the-art polymer modified cement which also increases hardness, improves bonding, and reduces water penetration. Diamond Brite® pool finish is comfortable to a bather’s feet and is slip resistant. Diamond Brite®, when properly applied, gives a smooth, comfortable surface for easy maintenance.

SGM Diamond Brite Pool Finish

Diamond Brite® Pool Finish Sets the Standard in Pool and Spa Finshes

Diamond Brite® pool finish is a unique blend of colored quartz aggregates and polymer-modified white Portland cement.

Diamond Brite® pool finish is ideal for new swimming pools and for swimming pool resurfacing.

Diamond Brite® pool finish is factory blended designed to be extremely durable and give years of pool enjoyment.

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